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Open Modular Kitchen – Functional and Storage Efficient Kitchen Design


In today’s modern world, open kitchen plan is typical design choices that who live in little apartments. Open Mokitchen not only make your kitchen more liveable and elegant also offers the flexibility to people to extend their kitchen in to the dining room.  Open kitchen styles are favouring more kitchen space than classic kitchen dining room styles.

Social Interaction (Communal Living):

It is one of the important benefits in the open design plan. Many people are facing struggles because of lack of communal interaction with family. With an Open Modular Kitchen Design, People can interact with the folks sitting in the dining area as well as can watch T.V and other events while cooking.


Sunlight (natural light) is extremely spread-out throughout the entire home because of non-existing interior walls. Moreover, it is easy to clean and keep your space untidy. A simple, open kitchen brightens up your kitchen space and life.

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