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Types of Modular Kitchen Flooring

Choosing the right type of flooring that blends well with the home interior is an important aspect in modular kitchen designing. Perfect choice of flooring of your kitchen should exhibit magnificent appeal and it adds extra beauty of the interior design. Advisable to determine floor design and pattern who one has high durability on (stains, grease and dirt) and provide low maintenance. The flooring can be done Effectively by Modular Kitchen Floor Designers in Velachery.

Wood Flooring:

It is widely used in recent days due to its long lasting features. There are many types of wood flooring available in market. Floor Types: Solid wood, engineered wood, Laminate wood.  Easy to clean and maintain.


Bamboo Flooring:

Bamboo has anti – bacterial property and this type of flooring helps people to get healthy cooking atmosphere. And this flooring is water and bacteria resistant as well as durable.


Rubber Flooring:

It is made up from rubber true. Rubber is renewable resource whereas wood and bamboo flooring leads to deforestation. It is Eco-friendly and resistant to flame burns.


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