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Open Modular Kitchen – Functional and Storage Efficient Kitchen Design


In today’s modern world, open kitchen plan is typical design choices that who live in little apartments. Open Mokitchen not only make your kitchen more liveable and elegant also offers the flexibility to people to extend their kitchen in to the dining room.  Open kitchen styles are favouring more kitchen space than classic kitchen dining room styles.

Social Interaction (Communal Living):

It is one of the important benefits in the open design plan. Many people are facing struggles because of lack of communal interaction with family. With an Open Modular Kitchen Design, People can interact with the folks sitting in the dining area as well as can watch T.V and other events while cooking.


Sunlight (natural light) is extremely spread-out throughout the entire home because of non-existing interior walls. Moreover, it is easy to clean and keep your space untidy. A simple, open kitchen brightens up your kitchen space and life.

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Indian Style Modular Kitchen


Our day begins and ends in the kitchen where we spend most of our time.  Meals begin to take shape and conversation flows in this hub of your home. Even hospitals, marriage halls, industrial & college canteens in Coimbatore have started installing modular kitchens to give it a smart and stylish look.

When compared to Italian style modular kitchens, Indian Style Modular Kitchens are more appreciated by the people in Coimbatore city. There are many dealers in Coimbatore who supply superior quality kitchen equipment’s which are not only free from smoke hazards, but also facilitate you to work with ease and comfort.  In Coimbatore, modular kitchens incorporate a valuable cooking range.  Since most of them are pre-assembled, the installation process can be completed in a jiffy.  Modular kitchens give an aesthetic look to your traditional kitchen and today they have become a global feature.

Fantasy Kitchen


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Investment in Modular Kitchens



The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in your house and hence deserves a lot of attention. Therefore, merging your kitchen to give it a modernized and fresh look by investing your money in Modular kitchens will certainly add more charm to your kitchen. Earlier, kitchens were not equipped with built-in cabinetry and hence storage was a major concern.  But now taking advantage of the modern technology, any kitchen could become well-organized with compact cabinets that provide a solution for storage.  Today we see many people investing their money in modular kitchens.

A recent survey shows that more than 80% of investments and interest in modular kitchens comes from Chennai, Mumbai, Coimbatore, Bangalore, Jaipur, Kolkata, Pune, Ahmedabad, Delhi and Chandigarh, of which Coimbatore and Chennai tops the list.  In Coimbatore, people are ready to invest as much as Rs.15.00 lakhs for kitchen accessories.

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How to Clean Modular Kitchen and Cabinets?



Here you can find out how to restore your Modular Kitchen and cabinets more shinny and luster.

  1. Dish Soap and Warm Water:

The mixture of dish soap solution and warm water is good to clean dust and grease mess. It is suitable for following cabinet materials like Glass, Metal, Wood, Vinyl and Plastic.

  1. Orange Cleaner:

It is helpful to get rid of stains presented in countertops, dishwasher and taps.

  1. Baking Soda, Lemon, Water:

Kitchen Odour? Crackdown the kitchen odours in just a simple step

Sink – Pour a Mixture of Baking soda and water in to the sink to clear out the pungent odours.

Wooden Kitchen Ware– Rubbing the wooden surface with lemon slice to get rid out of the food smells.

Refrigerator– Do you feel the foul smell from your refrigerator? Dip soft cloth in baking soda and wipe the interior of your fridge and de-frost it. And wipe your fridge again with same cloth which is dipped in vinegar.

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Fantasy Kitchens – Priceless & 100% Quality Modular Kitchen

Fantasy Kitchen - Infographics

Fantasykitchens – We are happy to announce that now we make exclusive deal on modular kitchen. We are offering Priceless and 100 % Quality branded material used Modular Kitchen Chennai. Contact us to make your dream kitchen livelier !!!

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Modular Kitchen Vs Carpenter Made Kitchen

Modular Kitchen Vs Out-dated Kitchen

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The new set of ideas and techniques for designing modular Kitchen

The modern day requirements and facilities are increasing which makes it really delightful to carry out any task with such specialized and a new set of techniques. The Modular Kitchen in Madipakam has come as a boon in this present market when space management and ergonomics is of utter importance.

In this present scenario the main problem is that every individual has to face while designing or constructing a dream home is to make use of every single space and that too in a proficient manner so that it looks decorative and stylish as well.

Home are now a day’s much more decorative and well designed which has been made possible because of such highly effective decorative tools and ideas. By understanding the main purposes and functionality requirements of buyer’s, Madipakam Modular Kitchen Traders make really effective enough kitchen designs to satisfy customers.




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